Agent Console FAQ


·      You are not member of any queue

This means your admin haven’t yet added you as agent in one of the organization Queue


·      You are not receiving any call from call queue

This is very probably because of your presence status (Should be available to receive call from Queue).

Lack of license is also a possible cause of this.


·      When you receive a call from call queue on Teams, Heedify Agent Console is not updated with the ongoing call

This means the Realtime communication with Heedify Backend is not setup, please ensure with your security teams that your organization firewall is not blocking any traffic.


·      You don’t see calls in the queue

Ensure with your admin that the call queue you belong to is correctly configured and that it has music on Hold set.


·      You cannot find someone when you search with his name

Please ensure this person has a mailbox or a Teams account enabled.


·      You cannot see the presence of a contact

You or your admin need to ensure if this person have already a team’s license.


Your issue is not in the list above.

Please write to and precise your tenant ID in you message.