Enable you better serve your customers

Delivering an awsome customer experience requires to listen to customers, to be proactive, and to personalize customer experience.  

At Heedify we believe customer experience is an endeless enhancement process.  Our mission is to make this process as simple as possible for organizations.

Simplicity is very powerful  because it brings flexibility, resiliency, efficiency and agility.

Technology's role is to help do better and more

New technologies brings incredible opportunities but are still a challenge. 

All our customers want to benefit from cloud services and IA. They are all using Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. The common observation is that enabling all the technologies and integrate it deeply into their business is simultaneously a need and a challenge. 

At Heedify we built a SaaS product deeply integrated to Microsoft cloud (Office 365 and Azure). we tackle the main challenges as the following:

Native integration

All our products suits are natively integrated to Microsoft cloud such as  Graph API And Azure  services

Special Care to Simplify user experience

Our products are native Microsoft teams Apps that respects the same user experience to guarantee experience continuity.  


Open Framework

Our services are build on top of an open framework, micro services based that enables integration to organisation IT and minimize IT efforts.

About the Team

We are a team of cloud and IA enthusiast, committed to build the best Customer Experience Software that fits with organisation using Microsoft Teams. 

We have combined background on Unified communications with all its aspect from Microsoft environnement to telephony specific details,  Data and IA.